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Apparently someone at Valve heard all the Sandman bitching

Apparently there’s a big TF2 update coming up…and Valve is soliciting input from high-level players (i.e. league players) on how to balance it

This is probably the most exciting TF2 news I’ve read in ages.


6 Responses to “Apparently someone at Valve heard all the Sandman bitching”

  1. NeoChaos says:

    Goddamn, nice. Hopefully the Sandman and Demoman’s grenades get a well-deserved nerf.

    Although the folks on that forum thread pooh-poohing the update because it’s for competitive players are idiots.

  2. NeoChaos says:

    Well, Valve just announced a new update. Perhaps this is when the balance changes will be rolled out?

    (Also new hats? When I still haven’t unlocked a single one myself? Srsly Valve?)

    • sonictempest says:

      Maybe, although it sounds like it’s still being tested.

      This thread describes the changes that are known about so far. Some guy near the end claims that the Engineer has gotten a jetpack…seems weird (and something that would be more suited to the Pyro if you ask me).

      • NeoChaos says:

        Jetpack? Does the Engineer really need that kind of mobility? Sounds like something the Heavy could use (although those increased-mobility gloves mentioned in that thread already cover that for him). Engy has more of a need for defense against demos, really.

        • sonictempest says:

          Yeah, turned out that guy was talking bollocks, lol

          What the engie really needs is something to do besides whacking his stuff all day. That new wrench that reduces build time sounds like it’ll help offensive engineering somewhat.

  3. NeoChaos says:

    Update’s out!

    Sandman can no longer stun ubered players and gives the Scout less health. :D

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