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SNKP, you clowns :(

I don’t think this has been confirmed to be a console-only bug yet, but seriously, with all the crap you left out of this game you still managed to let moronic infinites like this through your playtesting process?!

This game is starting to resemble KOF2003 in more ways than one. Oh well, I guess I needed a coaster for my coffee mug.


12 Responses to “GG SNKP”

  1. Elly says:


    I guess I’m glad I only borrowed it.

  2. NeoChaos says:

    What amazes me is how many KOF-heads on Shoryuken are actively defending the game, saying it’s “great mechanics” make up for the missing content and broken online. I’m wondering if they saw either of these vids…

    • sonictempest says:

      To be honest I don’t think the mechanics are ‘great’ either. They’re functional (apart from the infinites I guess) but they don’t inspire the kind of excitement in me like what I felt after seeing the first trailer for KOF XI.

      Of course the US version of XI has no online play, so I’m kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place if I want to play a recent KOF against others.

    • KK says:

      “Great mechanics” my ass.

      When you see stuff like this, such affirmations are bull.

      And even if they remove all those bugs, what’s left is something that wouldn’t inspire you to play :|

  3. PenPen says:

    Well you can get an Xbawks and play laggy 98UM matches online!

    The funny thing is that since the arcade version is underplayed, nobody found out about these bugs. Now that more people got copies of the game, they become more apparent. Unfortunately I think that more of these bugs and infinites will appear from this game.

    And I’m still going to get the game (among others) with a next-gen console. Somebody hold me. D:

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