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the pointless musings of a strange recluse

Who am I?

Hi, and welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

By day, I’m a software developer in Seattle, Washington. By night, I am considerably less interesting. This blog chronicles both sides of my nondescript existence.

I tend to spend most of my time talking about gaming, being the shallow idiot that I am, but I like to think of this blog as a repository for my thoughts on just about anything I find interesting, or worth commenting on. You can read pre-2008 entries at my old LiveJournal page.

If you must absolutely have some information on what sort of person I am, then here are some fun facts that may be of interest to you:

  • I lived most of my life in a tiny island nation called Singapore, where I had most of my education.
  • I’ve been a PC gamer for most of my life, except for the four years during college when I didn’t have access to a proper gaming PC.
  • Favourite games of all time? Sonic CD, Half-Life and Starcraft: Brood War.
  • I’m a formerly rabid Sonic the Hedgehog fan who has mellowed out over the years.
  • I’ve learned four languages, but these days I only read, write and speak three of them with any level of competence: English, Tamil and Japanese.
  • Favourite programming languages…Java and Ruby. Although I think functional languages are awesome too (inspite of my not getting to use them very much).

I may add to this list as time passes and I (hopefully) become more interesting.

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