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I don’t feel like writing anything today

So here’s a random screencap from Gintama:


A brilliant example…

…of why I play the airblast Pyro in Team Fortress 2.

The backburner can be great fun in pure ambush play, but the ability to just run up to a control point and BLOW PEOPLE OFF IT is just too awesome. Bonus points if said point is suspended over an instant death pit :D

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One small step for Aria shachou

NASA officially declares that it has found water on Mars.

Now all we need is some gondolas, blue-eyed Martian cats and a few hundred years of terraforming and I think I’ll be ready to move there! :D

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All 13 episodes of ARIA the Animation, in one box set for $50, being released on September 30th. I approve of this news.

In other news:

School Rumble manga is finally ending

I thought the later chapters of the manga were rather lacking, and from what I heard it only seems to have gotten weirder from there (Tenma and Karasuma appear to have been shunted off to the side with Harima, Eri and Yakumo as the main characters).

I still have volume 1 of the manga on my shelf…after seeing how the rest of the manga turned out I kind of lost interest in completing my collection. Now that I know it actually has an ending, maybe I should reconsider.

Reminds me that I never did finish watching School Rumble Nigakki and Sangakki is around the corner…


And the Heavens shall tremble

[08:22] <SonicTempest> man, with Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 both on the way Blizzard is really trying to sap my productivity
[08:23] <Sakuya-san> :3
[08:24] <Fuu> "diablo sapping mah productivity!"

The announcement of Diablo III (for PC and Mac, as per Blizzard’s MO) is bloody awesome, but with sequels to both of my favourite Blizzard franchises on the horizon I think I’m not going to be able to do much else when they’re finally released :(

That said, Diablo III looks fantastic. The game is entirely in 3D now (although still using a 3/4 view perspective), and they’ve added things like the ability to use the environment against your enemies which is very, very cool. Blizzard has released cinematic and in-game trailers here, so check them out.

Currently they’ve only revealed the Barbarian and Witch Doctor classes, but there will be five classes in total. Hoping for a Paladin or something resembling one :p


Mmf mmfmfmfmfff!

This makes me very, very happy. Especially because the Pyro is my favourite class.

Hopefully the achievements will be better designed than the Medic ones…some of those are just ridiculous (can you really expect a Medic to kill 50 Scouts in regular play with his needle gun of all things?). I’d like to earn my achievements through good Pyro play, not going out of the way to piss off my team.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

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How to fix Soul Calibur IV

A long time ago, in an IRC channel far, far away:

[19:27] <@SonicTempest> at this rate to balance the number of new female 
characters in SFIV they need to add someone who's super manly
[19:27] <@SonicTempest> er SCIV
[19:27] <@SonicTempest> Guts plz
[19:28] <@xephyris> no guts
[19:28] <@xephyris> oh wait
[19:28] <@Hayate> welll theres Vader and Yoda :p
[19:28] <@xephyris> the berserk guy hasn't been put in yet huh
[19:28] <@xephyris> yeah ok guts plz
[19:28] <@xephyris> you know
[19:28] <@xephyris> get the fist of the north star guy in plz
[19:28] <@SonicTempest> ww
[19:28] <@SonicTempest> Kenshiro or Raoh w
[19:29] <@xephyris> how about both w
[19:29] <@xephyris> ps3 gets kenshiro
[19:29] <@xephyris> to balance out vader
[19:29] <@xephyris> and xbox gets raoh
[19:29] <@Hayate> no theyd be broken tier
[19:29] <@xephyris> while we're at it let's put Jojo in too
[19:29] <@xephyris> the only game where you can wrrrryyyy for real
[19:30] <@SonicTempest> www
[19:30] <@xephyris> wow man
[19:30] <@xephyris> if it had guts, jojo, and kenshiro
[19:31] <@xephyris> it'd be the manliest game on the planet

You heard it here first!


More DVDs for me to buy!

Right Stuf International has picked up the first season of ARIA! The box set with 13 episodes ships on September 30th, and ARIA the Natural as well as the OVA will follow thereafter.

This series was arguably one of the best I’ve seen in the fast few years…I’m picking up the DVDs for sure.

I’ve also been buying the manga, and it’s good stuff. It was pretty interesting to find out that some episodes of the anime actually took material from the ‘prequel’ manga Aqua. The background artwork isn’t quite as nice as that in the anime, but the character artwork is top-notch.

I should probably review those too, at some point.

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I found this on my doorstep when I got home just now


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Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw

I think I love you.

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