SNK Playmore recently released some information on the upcoming King of Fighters XII in Famitsu magazine. Having been impressed by the initial trailer for the game from AOU 2008 last month, I read the developer interview near the end. One thing in particular jumped out at me.

–What kind of a matchup will KOFXII feature?
SNKP: Rather than the multishift system from KOFXI, this game (KOFXII) will adopt the traditional 3-on-3 elimination style battle system that\’s been used since KOF94. By returning to the traditional format and revising the game system that\’s gotten too complex, we\’re aiming for a game balance that\’s playable even for beginners. Instead of complicated combos that makes full use of the game\’s system, we want to put emphasis on \”reading the opponent\’s mind\”.

This has me more than a little irritated.

First off, I thought KOF XI\’s tag system added a lot to the game. It was the first KOF game I had played in a long time that actually felt new and fresh without being bad, and I think the series was better for it. I was looking forward to seeing how the tag system evolved for the next instalment. And yet, they\’ve gone and done away with it together, and gone back to the traditional 3 on 3 elimination format. This is particularly infuriating when you consider that they\’ve just released a remake of what is probably the most-loved classic KOF game (KOF\’98 Ultimate Match), which you think would satisfy most people\’s needs for classic 3-on-3 KOF. Do we really need another game that apes it?

The graphical overhaul is stunning (if you don\’t believe me, check out these direct-feed screenshots from Famitsu) but if it continues to keep alive the ghost of old games rather than try new things, I will be quite disappointed.

One thought on “One step forward, two steps back”
  1. Agreed. This is fucking retarded. The XI shift system felt like a total evolution of the piece of crap scrub-friendly 2k3 tag system. It lead to lots of cool combo possibilities that required huge amounts of skill and execution to do and also allowed you to play fun mindgames with the opponent to set up MASSIEV DAMAEG.

    What the heck was SNK thinking, I do not know…

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