…from LiveJournal. I didn\’t even know WordPress had a feature like that…

There are some caveats, though…embedded items don\’t show up (those are stored on LJ servers for some reason), and LJ cuts aren\’t translated properly. In addition, all the LJ user tags which I used to link to other people\’s blogs are missing. And on top of that, the comments and tags don\’t carry over either.

Looks like I\’ll have a lot of cleaning up to do.

Another peeve – LiveJournal only lets you export your posts one month at a time. Seeing how my LJ post history goes all the way back to 2004, this may be more of a pain than it\’s worth.

8 thoughts on “Importing old posts…”
    1. You need to have at least one of your comments approved by me before you can post comments without needing approval. At least, that’s the default setting…I might change it at some point.

  1. Hey Sonic. I know its in construction but good for you for doing what you want. I might follow suit soon. But i dont know what i want to do for a site though.

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