…was pretty good on the whole. I\’m still making up my mind as to whether it deserves to be up on the pedestal so many people put it on, but it certainly deserved to be played a heck of a lot more than it actually was.

Quick bullet list of things I liked and didn\’t like:
+ Great dialogue and characters, witty writing
+ Solid platforming
+ Good aesthetics
+ Good level design with some creative themes
+ Psychic powers are put to use in some pretty creative ways
– Some stages where the camera and controls work against you
– Mouse and keyboard controls are terrible for combat
– Game doesn\’t scale to higher resolutions very well

I\’ll turn it into a proper review at some point.

For anyone interested in trying out the game, it\’s available on PC through Steam (for the undeniably low price of $20) or through the Xbox Originals service on Xbox 360.

Next up on the hit list: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.
Hopefully I still remember how to play it. :p

2 thoughts on “Psychonauts…”
  1. “I am making a pie”

    I loooved Psychonauts for its wildy novel stages, charming characters, and excellent writing/voice work. Sure the game is bit too “fetchy” and could use some improvement to combat but what platformer doesn’t have it’s issues? A wonderful game that was horribly overlooked – it was a snub of Beyond Good & Evil proportions

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