I got a Gamebridge off someone at work last week.

If you haven\’t heard of it, it\’s a device that plugs into your consoles\’ regular composite/S-video cables and transmits the signal to your PC via USB, letting you either play your consoles on your PC monitor (which it does terribly, by the way) or capture screenshots and video from your console games (something for which it is far better suited). It doesn\’t seem to do component, but I don\’t own a PS3 or Xbox 360, so I have no problems with that limitation.

I hooked it up just now, and captured a sample video from King of Fighters XI.

Not a dazzling show of my combo skills, but it does prove that the device works pretty well.

Now I need to think of a way in which I can actually use this thing. I\’ve got a few tentative ideas, but I need to figure out how feasible they are.

7 thoughts on “I\’m not sure why I bought this”
    1. Hm, I was thinking that recording our Friday matches would be a good place to start, but having to play SSBB on my PC screen would severely limit my playing ability.

      Is there any other sort of SSBB vid you had in mind? 😮

      1. Hmmm official record of my spastic SSBB gameplay? I don’t know if I should be excited or frightened….

    1. CPU usage didn’t seem too bad. The game rendering speed was able to keep up pretty well while the device was capturing data.

      As for compression, it uses MPEG (I haven’t figured out if there’s a way to get it to output uncompressed video).

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