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Yahtzee, free publicist

Yesterday’s Zero Punctuation featured Painkiller, a first-person shooter from 2004 that somehow flew under my radar. He seemed highly appreciative of the fact that it was an FPS cut from the same mold as Doom, Doom II and Serious Sam, with the shooting action being its primary focus. It certainly sounded appealing to me, so I made a note to check it out at some point.

Today, I logged onto the Steam website and beheld the following:

Well, I guess that’s a far better endorsement than anything the major gaming websites could dream up :D


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  1. Tardzilla says:

    The funnier thing is thing is that apparently Yahtzee was emailed by Gabe Newell himself, and he told him how his review of Painkiller tripled the sales of the game in four hours.

    i would be one of those people who bought the game if i had the money right now. :(

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