As you can see, I\’ve added a banner to the right for Firefox Download Day 2008. The occasion? Firefox 3 is finally being released. Technically it\’s been out there for months now (I\’ve been using it since the second beta version) but this marks the completion of development.

The primary focus of the Firefox devs for 3.0 has been improving performance – a new memory manager has been put in, and many of the outstanding memory leaks from 2.0 have been fixed. In addition we now have Acid2 compliance (not a really big deal in the larger scheme of things, but an important psychological milestone) as well as a spiffy new UI (which conforms better to the OS Firefox is running on), and a new feature called the \”Awesomebar\” which really deserves the name. There\’s a nice video outlining some of the new features in Firefox 3 here (Flash required).

The Mozilla folks are trying to get as many people to download it on Tuesday as possible to set a Guiness World Record, so if you already use Firefox 2, or are looking to switch, be sure to pledge your support!

6 thoughts on “Take back the Web on Tuesday”
  1. Any chance to upgrade directly from Firefox 2.x to 3?

    I mean, I don’t want to have both navigators installed ^^u

      1. Well, iono. Since most of the new versions get installed with the FF Update Client I’ve never noticed that.

        I hope Adblock+ and all of my addons are supported in FF 3.

  2. I’m going to get it, yais.

    Hope FF3 still supports keyconfig, because it’s liek my key part of the whole Fierfox combo.

      1. Yeah, I read. But that’s the outdated version lol. You get the correct version here

        The extension is a godsend for me to change the shortcuts, but it doesn’t get updated much until recently when a bunch of peeps are yelling at the maker to get this compatible with the latest versions of Fierfox.

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