Oh hey, I forgot about this thing. Again.

Here\’s what\’s changed in my life since…December 24th 2014? Really? It\’s been that long?

  • I got married (this might be amusing to people who remember my IRC rants of old)
  • Ten days after returning from the wedding we got in a car accident and totaled my car
  • A month after that our water heater failed in spectacular fashion and forced us out of our home for six weeks
  • I bought an Xbox One, a Wii U and a PS4 Pro
  • I enrolled in and started attending an accelerated part-time MBA program
  • My free time evaporated (might be related to the previous point)

So yeah, I\’ve been busy.

Does this mean a return to regular updates? I don\’t know. I should start putting thoughts down somewhere, although I don\’t know what topics I should really be writing about. I do think that I could benefit from a sounding board for the thoughts bouncing around in my head that\’s not limited to 140 characters, particularly since Twitter is not a platform well-suited to profundity or nuance. Not that I claim to demonstrate either attribute, mind you.

Oh well, I\’ll see you all in three years!

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