A year and twelve hours ago today, I stepped into the lobby of Pacific Medical Center in Beacon Hill, ready to begin my first real job at Amazon.com. I\’ve really come a long way since my first time on call when I accidentally did software deployments in the middle of the day, I think…in particular there\’s a lot of stuff that I\’ve learned.

  1. Your pager is most definitely not your friend.
  2. Perl is actually quite readable if you squint at it really hard.
  3. Eating lunch at your desk while a dog is in the vicinity is asking for trouble.
  4. Do not bite the hand that provides the free beer and snacks every Friday.
  5. Resist going out for Brazilian food as much as possible.

Obviously, I\’m kidding. But I have really learned a lot in the last year…I can\’t wait to see what the next will bring.

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