Finally beat Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition today. Great game overall, with a few things that could be improved (like the repeated boss fight issue I mentioned a while back). It\’s off the backlog for now, but I\’m definitely going to re-play it with Vergil and on harder difficulties when I get the chance. I stuck mainly to Swordmaster and Gunslinger, too, so I\’d like to try out some of the other styles (and weapons) as well.

And at some point I\’ll get off my ass and beat the original game as well. For some reason that final Nightmare fight kept kicking my ass.

And of course, I beat the game just in time for my copy of the PC version of Devil May Cry 4 to arrive tomorrow. Woo.

On an unrelated note, I was having some connectivity issues with my desktop last night when I got home from work. I could ping websites just fine, but all other outgoing requests were being blocked. I knew it wasn\’t my modem or my router because my laptop (which runs Kubuntu) was able to connect without any problems.

I eventually found out that ZoneAlarm Firewall was blocking all outgoing packets. I shrugged, chalked it up to lousy developers and uninstalled it, restoring connectivity. Nod32 comes with a firewall too, after all.

And then today I read about this, and the fact that I had installed some Microsoft security updates right before leaving for work came to mind.

This line in particular made me laugh:

Mr Rogers said installing it and re-booting his machines fixed all the problems.

He said he could understand Microsoft being reticent with details about the patch given its sensitivity.

\”But,\” he added \”it would seem reasonable for [Microsoft] to test their patch against what is probably the most popular software firewall.\”

Of course it\’s reasonable. Which is why they probably didn\’t do it. 😛

2 thoughts on “*crosses one more off the backlog*”
  1. You quit playing DMC1 at the third Nightmare too, huh? I set the game aside at that exact point – it was years before I came back to finish it…

    So, what strategy did you use to beat DMC3’s hellish elevator secret mission?

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