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E3 Day Two in a nutshell

Nintendo: Hey gamers! We’re just going to talk about how awesome we are and about how we don’t really need you any more since we make more money selling shallow waggle-fests to people who really don’t know any better :D

Sony: So uh we have all this shit that’s coming out at some point and it’ll be really awesome! In the meantime have all these repackaged versions of our existing hardware!

Oh, and Sega?

So apparently Sonic Unleashed is part Sonic Rush/Secret Rings, part…stretchy hands combat game.

Worst E3 ever.


5 Responses to “E3 Day Two in a nutshell”

  1. Elly says:

    Hey, don’t forget FFXIII, that will also be released on the 360.

    4 DISCS.


    OUT IN 2010.



  2. NeoChaos says:

    Hey, if he has stretchy arms, those parts of the game might turn out like God of War. That can’t possibly be, now could it?

    • NeoChaos says:

      Er, that can’t possibly be *bad*, now could it?

      • sonictempest says:

        Possibly. Although every time Sonic Team has tried to design some sort of “in-depth” combat system for a Sonic game they’ve pretty much failed miserably.

        That, and I really don’t know that God of War-style combat has any business being in a Sonic game.

        Maybe I’m just terminally cynical, though :(

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