Went downtown to see The Dark Knight today. Great movie, and I really enjoyed it. Very satisfying, and no real bits that stuck out to me as forced or unnecessary. Heath Ledger\’s Joker was suitably sadistic, random and occasionally morbidly funny. I\’m a fan of Mark Hamill\’s Joker from the animated series, but I have to say Ledger did an excellent job.

In addition, a certain other Batman villain shows up (you should know who it is if you\’ve been paying attention to any of the trailers at all) and while the treatment given to him in this movie is somewhat different from how he has been portrayed in the past, I thought it was pulled off very well.

The only complaint I had was Christian Bale\’s Batman voice. Maybe I\’m just spoiled by Kevin Conroy\’s superlative treatment in the animated versions, but I have no idea why Bale\’s Batman sounds like he has lung cancer. Apparently this was an issue with the first movie as well. Not only did it sound weird, it also made it hard to understand what he was saying at times.

In any case, go see it.

On my way back I popped into a Gamestop and picked up Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword and Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection. I\’ve put in some time with the former and it\’s really good for a handheld action game. I\’m really not used to being able to block, though, being a long-time Devil May Cry player, but I suppose it\’ll come with time.

MGS should be interesting…I played parts of the first game on PC, but I never beat any of them. Time to see what all the fuss is about.

2 thoughts on “I went outside on a weekend, holy crap”
  1. Away from home, so I’m not able to log-in to stuff. Oh well, I hope guest posting works.

    Have you seen the Gotham Knight shorts? Basically, it’s six Batman short-story animé, and it works the same way Animatrix did for the Matrix films (as a bridge, and added experience).

    It’s really weird having a Bat-Bishonen with a Kevin Conroy voice.

    More comments and so forth later I guess. Work has eaten up my blog time.

    1. Yeah, I’ve enabled guest posting, no worries 🙂

      I haven’t seen the Gotham Knight stuff yet, but I heard the quality was somewhat uneven. I’ll probably check it out eventually though.

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