Just saw this piece on the BBC website:
Eat less meat to combat the effects of human activities on the global climate, says the UN\’s top climate scientist.

Disclaimer: I\’m a vegetarian.

The scientist\’s position focuses mainly on greenhouse gas emissions without pontificating about the superiority of a vegetarian diet, which is good, I think. If anything I know that ideas tend to be more favourably received when argued logically, not when preached by someone on a high horse. I\’m actually quite interested in seeing the text of the speech Dr Pachauri will give on Monday, if only to see how he tries to sell this idea.

In other news, I\’ve been taking advantage of the 50% discount offer on all id software games on Steam to try out some old FPSes that I missed out on – Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Doom 3. RTCW is pretty good so far, but I played partway through the Doom 3 demo before going \’fuck this shit\’ and deleting it. The people complaining about the light levels in this game aren\’t kidding in the slightest. I couldn\’t see what the hell I was shooting at half the time, and the fact that I needed to drop my existing weapon to use the flashlight only aggravated this. Yes, you play a marine a century in the future when we\’ve colonized Mars and created teleportation technology, but you don\’t have access to a flashlight that doesn\’t tie up one of your hands.

Long story short, I probably won\’t be buying that one.

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