It looks like my worst fears about Mirror\’s Edge might have come true – great platforming mechanics hobbled by substandard level design. The best I can hope for is that the PC version comes with some sort of map editor so that the community can pick up where the developers seem to have failed.

In other platforming news, Sonic Unleashed arrives next week. I\’m still not sold on the game, given that long sections of the speed part of the game seem to be on autopilot (or something very close to it) and that the Werehog sections are basically all the platforming bits that SHOULD have been in the main game mixed in with a pale imitation of God of War.

At the very least the sidescrolling parts of the regular levels remind me a little of Sonic Rush, although dumbed down – the level design is a good deal simpler, lacking for instance the multiple routes present in Sonic Rush Adventure and replacing the trick system with (of all things) QTEs.

I actually have a lot of things to say on the subject of Sonic Unleashed (as you might suspect) but it\’s almost 1am so I think I\’ll save that essay for another time.

4 thoughts on “Disappointment beckons”
      1. Yeah, I mentioned Shenmue because of the QTEs 😛

        Shadow wise, the first Werehog footage I saw made me remember Shadow in the aspect that those phases were more filled with action than platforming, more close to Shadow stages in SA2, Dark team in Sonic Heroes or… every level in Shadow the Hedgehog.

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