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Left 4 Dead is bloody brilliant

I’ve been getting my ass kicked (with friends) in the first campaign, and I love it. It’s the first real FPS I’ve played that relies on co-op so much, and it does co-op really well.

We reached the finale of the first campaign a few times today, but never managed to hold out until the rescue chopper arrived. A truly ridiculous number of zombies assails you at that point, coupled with numerous boss zombie spawns (at one point we had a Tank, a Boomer and a Smoker all running around). At one point the Tank climbed up to the vantage point where I had been sniping from and basically punched me off the building.

Good times.

And now, it’s time for some screenshots from the full game!

This is what’s left after you kill a Boomer. His torso basically vaporises. Not pretty.

The view from the top of Mercy Hospital (the end of the first campaign). Not a welcoming sight at all…


A conquered Tank lies before us.

This is what happens when you play friendly fire in the safe room – zombies come in and kick your ass.

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