But for now, this is all I want to say.

Damn you Valve and your crappy weapon unlock system!

I’ve put in maybe 3-4 hours of game time a night for the last four nights, and all I have to show for it are two Spy items that I got in quick succession on Thursday night (one of which has since become completely useless thanks to a bug fix).

I didn’t think it was possible to make the weapon acquisition process even worse, but somehow, they found a way. What is so wrong about just giving everyone the new items and letting them run off and play with them?


This image is really the only way to sum up the situation. And yes, there are tons of achievement_idle servers out there, with players doing nothing but standing around while AFK.

5 thoughts on “I’ll have more on the Spy vs Sniper update at some later point”
  1. WTF.

    Is this some kind of joke? Make people “work” for their new weapons? Whatever it is, it’s retarded.

  2. Need update nao.

    I did get an axetinguisher, which is what I got already. They mentioned that they’re going to give players some degree of control over what they’re getting (simple solution: Use class, get their weapon), and it better be done sooner than later, since everyone’s going “WTF” over something they can’t control.

    And the Dead Ringer is harder to use than I thought.

  3. I actually spent 4 hours in an achievement_idle server today, and somehow managed to ‘find’ Jarate and the Huntsman (and yet another Flare Gun, bah).

    The only real solution is do away with unlocking entirely. If you ask me, the people who justify the unlock system’s existence by saying that it gives them a reason to continue playing are masking another issue – that the game apparently doesn’t hold their interest enough for them to continue playing it otherwise. Probably all WoW players or something.

  4. LOL was that like a social experiment or something? I did get into one today, and it’s funny since everyone keeps dying.

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