For now, let me just say ‘omg the netcode in this game is really good.’

I just played 5 pretty much lag-free (or lag-really-well-hidden) matches. Lost 4 of them, but I’m a crappy player so that’s to be expected I guess :p

If you have the PS3 version, hit me up with an invite if you see me online. PSN ID is SonicTempest.

And yes, I use Ragna the Sol Badguy.

6 thoughts on “I’ll post more thoughts about BlazBlue later”
  1. lmao at “Ragna the Sol Badguy”

    Had a friend bring it over for a mini get-together on Friday. Despite my apathy to GG and games of its ilk, I actually sorta liked playing around – spent most of the time messing around with Taokaka. Between the good netcode and the instructional DVD being included with the limited edition, I’m seriously tempted to pick this up for 360.

    On a window dressing note: English or Japanese voices? I’ve heard good things about BB’s English dub and most of the voices I’ve heard so far (save for the other members of the cat-people race Taokaka belongs to) tend to back up those opinions.

      1. You haven’t heard Rachel’s or Ragna’s (my chars).

        Litchi’s is way better than the original japanese voice (AKA not annoying).

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