A new 2D Sonic, in HD, to be released in 2010


Dammit, I don’t want to get my hopes up, just to be disappointed yet again.

When this does eventually show up, I hope it’s more Sonic CD and less Sonic Rush – while I had fun with that game, it was more about ‘LOL HOLD DOWN THE BOOST BUTTON AND PRESS A OCCASIONALLY’ as opposed to Sonic CD’s expert mix of momentum-based and timing-based platforming.

7 thoughts on “The last thing I was expecting this week”
  1. $20 says the backlash will come when the game is shown off and it’s 2.5D graphics (but still 2D gameplay) instead of the HD 2D sprite revolution the peanut gallery’s begging for .

      1. I’m not as optimistic about 2D sprites due to development length and budget reasons, but it would be nice. However, SNK Playmore is an obvious warning sign what happens when you focus on sprites for HD resolutions, something a lot of optimisic fans are obviously glossing over when bringing KOFXII up as an example of recent 2D games.

        As far as the “hold right” gameplay goes, I’ve always thought think that trend is a result of Sega overreacting to the backlash of the complaints of playing non-Sonic characters in the Adventure games. Everybody wanted more of the speedy running stages, and as a result Sega (and the companies they contracted for spinoff and handheld games such as Dimps) focused too much on the speed and not enough on the platforming.

  2. Let’s hope it does well, for their sake. It’d be pretty great if it did turn out well (and likely manage the quell the thirst of those many Sonic fans clamoring for more of the 2D playstyle).

  3. fuck, i’d GLADLY pay $60 for this if it came out on disc. i’d buy it on any format. the last sonic games (after SA2) left alot to be desired imho.

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