On which I discover that I still can’t aim with a thumbstick to save my life.

I’ve been playing the Uncharted 2 multiplayer demo recently, and while I enjoyed the first game, I don’t know that the mechanics necessarily work for multiplayer. For one, the camera doesn’t stay behind you, so you’re forced to keep rotating the camera to keep it facing in your movement direction. While this isn’t ideal, it would at least be nice to have a quick ‘centre the camera behind you’ button – maybe R3 or something.

On top of that it seems like you die in very few hits – by the time I can rotate the camera to see someone shooting at me from behind, I’m at low health and get dropped by his next shot. So my complete lack of aiming skill is amplified by these two other problems I have with the interface.

Maybe the console shooter vibe doesn’t really resonate with me too well – I do well enough when I play Quake Live and TF2 but when you slow the game down and make everyone only capable of taking a few hits before dying somehow my abilities just go down the toilet.

I’ll probably keep playing it for a bit, though, if only to see if I can get used to the interface quirks.

2 thoughts on “A magical journey into the world of console shooters”
  1. If only everything was as intuitive as a mouse and keyboard huh? You shouldn’t fret so much, both Wind and I had the same problems when we first started. I find that if you shoot without aiming when running, there’s a tiny bit of auto aim.

  2. It’s funny to hear your feelings on the number of shots you can take since that’s actually one of the things I love about UC2. Personally, I feel that your health amount usually allows you a chance to fight back once ambushed – as opposed to say, Killzone 2 where you’re pretty much dead instantly if blindsided or even shot at. Admittedly the life amount would take some getting used to if you’re comparing it to TF2 but all and all I find it to be about right.

    I myself don’t have any issue with the camera but Oro’s right – you do get used to it. Maybe it’s harder for you because of all the time you spend with PC FPS. I mean, I played Bioshock last night and kept trying to jump with the X button (ala UC2) – if I’m having trouble with something that simple it seems logical that you’d struggle going PC to console.

    All of which bodes poorly for my eventual PC TF2 purchase…

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