I haven’t been updating because of some real-life issues I’ve been having that I’d rather not go into here. That said, here’s what’s been going on with me:

  • Added some more titles to my backlog thanks to Steam holiday sales: Mirror’s Edge and the last two titles of the PoP trilogy (as well as the newest one).
  • Immediately removed Mirror’s Edge from my backlog because I beat it in 3 days
  • Removed Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword from my list after beating it over Thanksgiving weekend.

More significantly, I upgraded my PC pretty much as far as I think I can take it – swapped out my old Core 2 Duo E6750 for a Core 2 Quad Q9650, which is about as fast as I can take it without buying one of the ridiculously priced Core 2 Extreme models. More cores certainly make a huge difference in games like Left 4 Dead 2, and to a lesser extent in Team Fortress 2. I also replaced my 8800GTS 512 with a GTX275, which has helped with some of the more graphic intensive games that I’m still working through (like Lost Planet). I also needed a new power supply for the new card, so I grabbed a simple 650W Antec one.

Just those three parts set me back a fair amount, so much so that I think my next ‘upgrade’ will probably involve just building a new box so I can get in on all the awesome i5/i7 action.

That said, I’m tempted to download the Crysis demo again to see how well these new parts hold up.

2 thoughts on “I keep forgetting to update this thing”
  1. Ooof. Recently upgraded myself, swapped out my motherboard from the ASRock MicroATX POS mobo I previously had to a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P, tossed out the stock Intel cooler for one of Zalman’s copper fan-heatsink combos after one of the tabs on the Intel cooler broke switching motherboards, and changing the case from a Cooler Master CM690 to a HAF 922. Pretty happy with this so far, though I’m eyeing a new video card, especially after a one-off incident where my GTX 260 showed signs of dying…

    1. Also, Soldier/Demo update nerfed the Sandman again. Now it just stuns on max distance and sends opponents into the “running” state that losing teams are put into.

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