So I’m playing Super Mario Galaxy 2, backlog be damned. And it’s a pretty good game, just as I expected it to be. Sure, extra lives still grow on trees much like the original game, but the stages are inventive and it usually takes me a few tries to figure out the exact timing or trick to beating them.

One thing that I’m not glad about is the persistence of the silly motion controlled-stages.

Sure, there are fewer of them, and I’ve already gotten all the gold stars in all of them, but they still reinforce my held notion that the Wii’s motion control is a dead end for games on that system. There’s perhaps one use of the Wii remote’s motion sensor that I’ve been able to tolerate, and that’s its use as a pointing device (in games like Resident Evil 4, or any number of Wii FPSes).

Super Mario Galaxy, on the other hand, has you do stupid crap like hold your Wiimote vertically and tilt it to control a giant ball that Mario is balancing on. These stages are nowhere near as interesting as the pure platforming stages, and the controls aren’t anywhere near as precise as they need to be. It’s at times like those that I wish the game supported the Classic or GameCube controller.

After my experience with the Wii, Sony and Microsoft’s motion controllers have me more apprehensive of the kinds of crap they’re going to try and pawn off on the gaming public. I’ve heard rumblings of a motion controlled version of Sonic Riders for Natal…ugh.

2 thoughts on “Motion to Dismiss”
  1. I require more tempest in a tea cup. You’re a great reviewer and all of the games you play and review are right on. I wish you went to e3 and got your hands on 3ds ;_;

    1. Heh, after seeing the exhibits I kind of wish I could have gone too. Lots of games I’d have loved to try. Vanquish, Bulletstorm, Sonic Colors, heck, even Sonic 4. Not to mention the 3DS, since it seems to have blown everyone else away.

      And you’ll get more blog posts, lol. I just like to space them out a bit so that I can put a bit more thought into what I write.

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