I’m sure everyone who follows gaming news is familiar by now with this atrocity:


Yes, Capcom has thrown in the towel and has handed over the reins of its next Devil May Cry game to the English studio Ninja Theory, complete with crappy new Dante design and what looks like Dante being tortured in Abu Ghraib. I know, I know, it’s all about the game mechanics, right? Except that I have no confidence that Ninja Theory will be able to make a game that lives up to the DMC name; heck, even a game that’s as good as the somewhat iffy DMC4.

To see what Ninja Theory was capable of, I played the demo for Ninja Theory’s upcoming game Enslaved (due out in about a week, I think), and while the game looks and plays ok, it in no way compares to DMC’s fast-paced action. It feels more like God of War with its simple two-button combat and half-hearted platforming, to be honest, which will please a lot of God of War fans but annoy the hell out of DMC fans who are used to being able to move around quicker, and to much faster-paced combat. From what it looks like it even features regenerating health, which no quality action game has ever done.

Maybe Capcom just saw Bayonetta and decided that they couldn’t compete, lol.

3 thoughts on “Dante Must Cry”
  1. Ninja Theory’s questionable taste aside, I really get the feeling that there’s nobody left at Capcom with the talent to design games anymore. Pretty much anyone that was worth their shit is working at Platinum now.

    1. That’s a pretty tempting argument, and if anything the way Capcom is farming out its franchises to the highest bidders seems to confirm it. Not to mention Inafune’s silly comments about Japanese developers being behind their Western counterparts.

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