[23:19] <@xephyris> i was asking a friend if he had bought deus ex
[23:19] <@xephyris> it came out as desu ex
[23:19] <@Iie-Kyo> lol
[23:19] <@SonicTempest> lol
[23:19] <@SonicTempest> get on making that mod

[23:54] <@xephyris> so this desu ex mod
[23:54] <@xephyris> what should be in it
[23:55] <@SonicTempest> all UNATCO agents replaced with Suiseiseki
[00:12] <@xephyris> should call it Desu X
[00:12] <@xephyris> suiseiseki vs x-japan
[00:12] <@SonicTempest> lol
[00:12] <@SonicTempest> don\’t you know
[00:12] <@SonicTempest> X Japan have some crazy powers
[00:13] <@SonicTempest>
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhoqBgpTu00 here\’s my evidence
[00:14] <@SonicTempest> fwiw, correlation between the PV and the song lyrics? none whatsoever w
[00:14] <@xephyris> www
[00:14] <@xephyris> i figured they did an OP for this animation or something
[00:14] <@xephyris> no, huh w
[00:15] <@SonicTempest> no this is the actual PV for this song w
[00:15] <@xephyris> it\’s got a HnK vibe for some reason
[00:15] <@xephyris> also, x japan can fly
[00:15] <@xephyris> this proves it
[00:17] <@SonicTempest> w
[00:18] <@SonicTempest> also the drummer can fire Kamehamehas
[00:18] <@xephyris> lol
[00:18] <@SonicTempest> and is apparently Jesus
[00:19] <@SonicTempest> so yes, stiff competition for Suiseiseki w
[00:20] <@xephyris> ww

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