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All 13 episodes of ARIA the Animation, in one box set for $50, being released on September 30th. I approve of this news.

In other news:

School Rumble manga is finally ending

I thought the later chapters of the manga were rather lacking, and from what I heard it only seems to have gotten weirder from there (Tenma and Karasuma appear to have been shunted off to the side with Harima, Eri and Yakumo as the main characters).

I still have volume 1 of the manga on my shelf…after seeing how the rest of the manga turned out I kind of lost interest in completing my collection. Now that I know it actually has an ending, maybe I should reconsider.

Reminds me that I never did finish watching School Rumble Nigakki and Sangakki is around the corner…



[14:57] <@SonicTempest> lol the fan I bought is a lot smaller than I thought it would be
[14:57] <@SonicTempest> it’s like a loli fan
[14:58] <@SonicTempest> it’s powerful enough though
[14:59] <@SonicTempest> so I guess it’s Shana-tan
[15:02] <@SonicTempest> kind of loud though
[15:06] <Hayate> <SonicTempest> kind of loud though  URUCHAI URUCHAI URUCHAI
[15:10] <@SonicTempest> lol

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Bad news for fansubbers?

Anime file sharers arrested in Japan
(Man, I seem to be linking to Zepy’s blog a lot for anime news)

If this means fewer high-quality raws for fansubbers to use, we might be in for a bit of a dry spell :/
What particularly annoys me is that so few studios have even bothered to offer a viable alternative to fansubs (Gonzo is the only one I can think of off the top of my head, and like hell I’m watching anything they put out).

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Info on Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu (The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya) will apparently be in next month’s Newtype magazine (in Japan).

Between that Clannad followup and that new Lucky Star OVA, I was wondering if KyoAni would ever get around to announcing more details. I guess they have their priorities straight :)

I’ve already read the translations of the light novel chapters that will form the main story thread (and it’s a very good one indeed), but I’m wondering which of the other side stories they’ll toss in as filler. Awaiting details eagerly.


More DVDs for me to buy!

Right Stuf International has picked up the first season of ARIA! The box set with 13 episodes ships on September 30th, and ARIA the Natural as well as the OVA will follow thereafter.

This series was arguably one of the best I’ve seen in the fast few years…I’m picking up the DVDs for sure.

I’ve also been buying the manga, and it’s good stuff. It was pretty interesting to find out that some episodes of the anime actually took material from the ‘prequel’ manga Aqua. The background artwork isn’t quite as nice as that in the anime, but the character artwork is top-notch.

I should probably review those too, at some point.

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I found something else on my doorstep!

Aria figurines, which I bought last year, but which only shipped a couple of weeks ago :P
(Yes, my webcam is shitty, although that has more to do with the fact that I don’t have any lights in the corner of the room where my PC sits)

I like them overall, although I think Alicia’s face is a little too chubby orz

Man, with all this stuff I’m buying I’m turning into Fat Cat Lim.

In any case, I have a few extras (it was a pack of ten) – Alicia, Akari and Alice, so if anyone wants one, let me know.

(yes, I have two Aikas…one with pigtails and one without. I’m willing to give someone the pigtailed version if they don’t mind the fact that I opened it already)

EDIT 2008/04/12: Replaced the photo with a better-quality one from my cell phone.

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A slice of heaven

I'm not sure when my tastes changed, but I seem to have become a great fan of the slice of life genre of anime.

The term is usually used to refer to a series with no real continuity or ongoing plot, where each episode is a series of vignettes from the characters' everyday lives, usually with some elements of humour sprinkled in. Many people I know can't stand this genre, and sometimes put this question to me: “How can you stand to watch a 24-episode show where nothing happens?” And truth be told, I don't have a good answer. The root of this fandom probably lies in the great Azumanga Daioh, which I watched way back in my first year at college. Since then, I've made it a point to check out new slice-of-life series as they've shown up on TV, and have thus managed to enjoy series like Sketchbook, Lucky Star, Honey and Clover…and most recently, Aria, of which the final episode aired this week.

Aria is an interesting thing. While most series tend to get worse as new seasons are announced (y halo thar You're Under Arrest), it has gotten better over its 65-episode run, and this final season in particular has proven to be absolutely wonderful. Its only real fault is somewhat inconsistent animation quality. And yet, it features no conflict, no action, no violence, nothing that would attract your average anime fan to watch it.

Perhaps it's just that I find myself able to appreciate the subtleties of the world of Aqua that Aria manages to express, both through its great atmosphere as well as its characters. It's a quiet, laid-back world, yet in spite of this its nuances are always enjoyable when they're revealed. The show is definitely character- rather than story-driven, and I can appreciate this too, since the characters are all very distinct and have their own loveable personality quirks (with a lot of hidden depth).

Anyhow, I guess my point is that if you're one of those people who doesn't mind watching a show without giant robots, epic battles or intense human drama, I heartily recommend Aria. There's a lot of it (65 episodes spread over three series) but if you're anything like me, you'll enjoy every moment of it.

…still can't believe it's over ;_;

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This was a triumph

I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

(Thanks to , who found it at Kotaku, who in turn got it from somewhere else)


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Just got back about an hour ago.

There was a reorganisation of my group at work about a couple of months ago, and our new boss held an “offsite” for us to get together and discuss possible long-term directions for where we wanted to take our group's products. It was a pretty interesting discussion, although I found that I wasn't quite able to contribute in the capacity that I might have wanted to. Afterwards we went out to dinner at some way-too-expensive restaurant while swapping anecdotes…a good time was had by all.

One of my recent obsessions has been BBC comedy panel shows, particulary Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Qi. The former is a music-themed panel quiz show with new guests every week, and the latter is a show devoted to dispelling “general ignorance,” and is hosted by one of my favourite British actors/comedians, Stephen Fry. Both are hilarious when at their best, and have introduced me to a few more interesting personalities like Bill Bailey and Noel Fielding. Unfortunately, since these shows aren't available through any legal avenues in the US (the BBC does do Region 1 DVD releases, but the most recent show they seem to have is the new series of Doctor Who and Torchwood) I have to watch them though…other means.

It's kind of odd that I find shows like that much more entertaining than most of what shows up on American TV…then again, I haven't owned a television subscription for about a year now, so I probably have no right to make the comparision. I never did watch anything more than Scrubs, Mythbusters and Stewart and Colbert when I did, though. I'm probably missing out, but I really can't give a crap. :P

On a somewhat related note, I looked at the Spring anime season lineup, and there is nothing that looks interesting to me. I might watch Code Geass 2 out of boredom (seeing how I wasn't that impressed with the first season), but that's all. Might be a good idea to go out and get some older series on DVD – I already bought a Vision of Escaflowne boxset, so I might look into other old shows like Cowboy Bebop that are available at a reasonable price.

Watching DVDs on my computer is rather a pain, though.

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Aria the Origination episode 9.

I loved this episode to pieces.

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