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Cautious optimism

These are some screenshots and cutscene pics supposedly retrieved from Sega's FTP server. Could they be of the mystery new Sonic game “Sonic Unleashed?”

Judging by the graphics (and the fact that the screenshots are at 720p), it looks like it'll be on 360/PS3, but the game seems to follow the same template as Sonic and the Secret Rings (which is a good thing, if you ask me). I'm quite liking the graphical style, too.

Hopefully a trailer or something will surface soon.





EDIT #2:


Argh, so conflicted…the game looks great but…wtf is up with that werewolf Sonic thing?

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Fingers crossed? Not really

Part of me hopes that this won’t be a pile of rubbish like almost every single console Sonic game since 2001, but the rest of me knows better than to put hope in Sonic Team.

We’ll see, I suppose, but the days I would give Sega the benefit of the doubt about anything are long gone.

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Now the true Brawl may begin!

(Yes, I ended up unlocking him through Subspace Emissary…I had it on Easy anyway, so what the hell)

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Something awesome this way comes

Unlocking Sonic is going to be a pain in the ass…

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