You can read about the new product announcements here.

The main things that have me interested are the new iteration of the Apple TV software which (FINALLY) adds support for buying stuff straight off your set-top box, as well as the HD movie rentals that go along with it (although I have no idea if the store is going to get HD TV show rentals as well). The lower price point is neat too. I might be convinced to get one of these some time down the road (although for regular TV watching it still works out pretty expensive compared to a cable subscription).

Other than that, though, it was mostly a snoozefest. I couldn't care less about the iPhone and iPod touch as long as there's no SDK for third-party apps, and the new MacBook model honestly looks like a product without a market. Seriously, who will buy a $1799 notebook that doesn't have an optical drive or Ethernet, and only a single USB port? Not to mention the abysmally slow 4200rpm hard drive (although if you're insane, you can add $1000 to the price to get a 64GB solid-state drive). I do like the LED-backlit screen and the multitouch trackpad, though, not to mention the sleek form factor (although one suspects that the latter was the reason for many of the unit's shortcomings).

The biggest Mac news for me today was that Call of Duty 4 and Spore will be coming to the Mac (although it's courtesy of Transgaming's wrapper rather than a native port of the games). Not that it matters to me or anything, seeing how I don't own a Mac, but it probably is good news for Mac owners who want to get their game on without having to reboot their computer.

In other news, I bought Super Mario Galaxy for Wii around the New Year, and have been playing it for the last 3 weeks. I must say it's easily the best Wii game I've played so far (although that may not be saying much, seeing how my library only consists of three games). Very solid mechanics, nice use of the Wii remote (although I will say manta surfing makes me want to hurt something) and the best graphics on the Wii, period. I've got about 94 stars so far, and will not really consider the game \”complete\” until I get all 120 stars as Mario. And looking at the remaining levels, that could take a while…

Finally, there's this piece of news that hit recently:
Amazon chooses to pay fine rather than eliminate free shipping in France

I'm sure there's some company policy that prevents me from expressing an opinion about this (and if there isn't, then, well, I guess I don't want to tell you what my opinion is :P) but I was wondering what you guys thought of it.

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