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Candidate of change, indeed

Looks like Barack Obama thinks change is a little overrated.

So we have a candidate who after winning the primary is veering off to the right rather than the centre, and his opponent who has for some reason decided that all the reasons that people decided to support him aren’t that important any more.

Happy 4th, everyone!

(And for the record, in spite of my inability to vote, in spite of my skepticism, I would much rather have Obama win in November than McCain, for reasons that should be hopefully obvious to many)


3 Responses to “Candidate of change, indeed”

  1. KK says:

    Not obvious to me :v

    Whoever gets the less strict and ridiculous migratory politics would get my support lololol

    • sonictempest says:

      That’s very narrow-minded of you.

      I know immigration is a big issue because you live in Mexico, but for crying out loud, take a broader perspective.

  2. Sheba says:

    >> Looks like Barack Obama thinks change is a little overrated.

    I don’t have much expectation for a Obama’s victory, especially after dumping the card that was the foundation of his campain and popular support for so long. The credibility is likely going down in a lot of minds. It’s equivalent to cutting the branch you were sitting on?

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