One of my favourite sites is Stephen Fry\’s blog, where he often posts essays and podcasts about various interesting subjects. His most recent podcast is about the important role of public broadcasting in the media, and I found a lot to agree with in it, so I thought I\’d link it here for everyone else to listen to.

You\’ll need iTunes to listen to it. Alternatively, you can read it in written form here:

3 thoughts on “Something for your eyes and ears”
  1. Tried reading it – goes on far way too long mentioning names that mean absolutely nothing to me. 😛 Gave up sometime after he said he started working.

    Executive summary plz?

    1. His main point is that public broadcasting is awesome when done properly like the BBC has been doing, and should therefore be preserved.

      He actually mentions the Singapore model of public broadcasting in passing…if the text is too wordy for you give the podcast a listen. It’s probably no less wordy, but at least you can put it in the background while you do something else.

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