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Somehow in the space of two hours I have managed to not only leave my cell phone at work, but fill my apartment with smoke. How did I manage the latter, do you ask?

Why, I cooked some instant noodles!

In the microwave.

Without adding water first.

Do you know what you get when you cook flavour powder, dried mushroom, dried rice noodles and oil in a microwave without water? You get a giant block of simmering carbon. And a crapload of smoke.

And my apartment STILL smells like smoke, 3 hours later.

Fun fact: this apartment I’m living is was refurbished after a fire accident prior to my renting it.

I really wish I could say that there was something important on my mind while I was engaging in this minor act of arson, but there really wasn’t…


4 Responses to “I M SMRT”

  1. Iie-Kyo says:


  2. Shiny disguised as a mudkip says:

    Scatterbrain affects all. Even SS.

  3. Shinryuuken says:

    Ah, eh, well… dude.

  4. PenPen says:

    I tried it without adding water, with the soup powder at the bottom of the bowl in high school (on experience, the noodles tastes better).

    The powder created a hole in my plastic microwaveable bowl as a result.

    You know, science is awesome!

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