Most people, when explaining a long gap in posting on their blogs, cite the problem of not having anything to write about. I have the opposite problem, in that there\’s too much going on and I can\’t decide what I want to write about.

Here\’s a list of stuff that happened this week that piqued my interest:

  1. The high-profile failure of Congress to approve the Wall Street bailout deal + my general anxiety at the economic climate
  2. Cliff Bleszinski continuing to sound like a tool by saying stupid things like this and this
  3. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood\’s release (and subsequent evaluation by me)
  4. My purchase of the original Fallout (1997) from
  5. Gintama being awesome
  6. My falling sick and being kept sane by Qi clips and my DS
  7. Sarah Palin proving herself to be a colossal idiot

In the end, I don\’t even know if my next post will be about any of those things, because stuff that catches my attention just keeps on happening. Maybe I need to be more decisive…

One thought on “Writer\’s block? Not really…”
  1. 1. At least your family hasn’t lost millions in the stock market. There’s nothing more funny than watching fiscal conservatives saying the “invisible hand” is broken. If I remember correctly the ideal is that the “invisible hand” is perfect.

    2. Oddly enough, when he’s doing live interviews he’s well-spoken. Sometimes I think he’s paid to be a retard in an attempt by a certain large corporation to give off the impression that game makers are just like gamers (ie bottom feeders). At least he knows who butters his bread….

    3. I gave up on Sonic when I sold my Genesis.

    4. I signed up to hoping to find Master of Orion 1 or 2, no dice.

    5. Barely watch anime now.

    6. Was sick too, was comforted by the thought of potential death.

    7. Well, that just means she’s keeping in line with her political party.

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