And just like that, my PS3 unbricked itself last night. For some reason my fifth attempt at a soft reset did the trick.

You know, at least if my PC starts malfunctioning I can make a decent guess as to what\’s broken and fix it. With consoles I\’m not nearly as lucky.

4 thoughts on “I don\’t get it”
  1. For some moments I was thinking why I haven’t bought a next gen console.

    With this entry, I just remembered why 😐

  2. The PS3 is really a buggy system. My friend has one that initially worked fine on his main HDTV, then would only show video (no sound), and then wouldn’t work at all – all the while working perfectly with his itty bitty bedroom HDTV. I’ve had both the non-response and no sound issues on my HDTV at least once each but thankfully they’ve gone away with a reboot or HDMI jiggling.

    It’s funny that you don’t hear about these PS3 issues as much as the 360’s RRoD or disc gouging. Maybe ’cause the PS3 will eventually “get better”…

    1. I must concur. Even though my system is working again I’ve had problems getting the system to detect wireless controllers. Oddly enough using the PS button to turn on the system works fine but once the system is on I can’t push it to sync my controller with it.

      Also still waiting for Sony to patch in PS2 support for the Madcatz SF4 sticks…

  3. Okay, just kidding, I’m not, but I think a lot of these issues are software problems, anytime I have some kind of crap happen, it’s usually gone with the next update. My current one is that my controller refuses to sync until I plug it in.

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