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I have the PC version of Resident Evil 5

Add me if you have it and want to try some co-op sometime. My GfW Live tag is SonicTempest84.

On a side note, the mouse + keyboard controls for this game are actually really good. You hold right-click to aim and left-click to fire, and the aiming feels pretty responsive. There’s apparently a way to use classic PC FPS weapon selection controls if you want (the number keys) but for now I’m going with the RE5 ‘live’ inventory screen.


2 Responses to “I have the PC version of Resident Evil 5”

  1. Surprised Wind says:

    So what made you get RE5 anyway? I seem to recall you saying that you weren’t at all impressed by the demo – I never would have thought you’d end up purchasing the game. Not that it’s bad, mind you (it was actually alot of fun, although perhaps not exactly survival horror fun…) – I just wonder what made you change your mind.

    • sonictempest says:

      My main beef with the demo (as you’ll recall) is that the aiming was kind of sluggish on a gamepad. Obviously having a mouse to aim eliminates that as an issue :)

      I keep trying to swing my knife by flicking the mouse though…too damn used to RE4’s Wii controls.

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