I’ve been trying to clear the list of games that I haven’t beaten yet so that I can get back to buying new ones without feeling guilty (particularly since the holiday release season is coming up). So far, I’ve managed to clear Assassin’s Creed off my backlog, and am pretty close to calling Beyond Good & Evil done as well.

Just to give you an idea of what I need to work through, here’s a list of stuff I’ve bought but have yet to finish, in rough order of ‘completeness’:

Beyond Good & Evil (PC) – just about at the end
Fallout 3 (PC) – about to head to Rivet City, but I have no idea how far that is in the game
God Hand (PS2) – cleared the first area
Company of Heroes + Opposing Fronts (PC) – 3 missions into the Normandy campaign
Fallout (PC) – yes, the original, fresh off GOG.com
Descent & Descent II (PC) – ditto
Resident Evil 5 (PC) – freshly purchased, played two missions in co-op
Oboro Muramasa (Wii) – beat one level

So yeah, wish me luck, I guess.

5 thoughts on “Whittling down the backlog, yet again”
  1. I’ve probably asked this already but what do you think of BGE? I found it actually quite enchanting – it was nice to experience a pleasant little game devoid of the seemingly required annoying parts.

    Do you think you’ll actually go back for Godhand? I find I have little to no desire to play the remaining PS2 games I never touched. I guess it doesn’t help when two of them are time sucking life thieves…

    1. BGE is alright, I guess. Nothing about it particularly stuck out as badly designed, although it is kind of on the easy side (except for the final boss though, talk about a vertical difficulty spike). It seems relatively fat-free too – they don’t pile on the optional stuff like some other free-roaming action games, and that’s fine by me.

      And yes, I’m definitely going back to finish God Hand. The first area rocked my face off, and I don’t want to deprive myself of playing the rest of an awesome game – simple as that 🙂

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