I’m not sure at what point I stopped celebrating my birthday. It might have been when I started college and realised that it occurred smack bang in the middle of Fall midterms. Whatever it is, at some point in the last…seven years or so I just lost interest in celebrating my birthday.

To anyone wondering what the relevance of my above statement is, I turned 25 on Sunday. And to mark the occasion, I, uh, worked on some slides for a presentation I have to give at work, and ordered some Chinese food.

Yeah…I’m not sure what’s up with me either.

2 thoughts on “Does that mean I stop getting older?”
  1. Agh, i had it very much in mind to greet you on your birthday, regardless of your celebration policies, or lack thereof, but, uh, i got lost somewhere along the way.

    So, happy (late) bifday! *biff*

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