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Water, water everywhere

The snow stopped just around the time I returned, but instead now it’s raining all the time. This would not normally be an issue (this is Seattle after all) but this rain is accompanied by some pretty strong wind, making walking to and from work a bit of a chore.

Oh well, I suppose I need the exercise.

Somehow it slipped my mind throughout the entire return flight that I was to be on call this week. I literally realised this the day before I returned to work. No matter, though – I find my on call weeks to be a decent break between the usually hectic (and sometimes tedious) pace of everyday development work. Although I am looking forward to what I’ll get to work on next week.

My new laptop is plugged into a power socket right in front of the TV. I’m not sure what I want to use it for just yet, although a Media Center PC seems most likely since it runs Vista and has a convenient HDMI output for my TV. Said HDMI output also lets me play stuff like Outrun 2006 in 1360×768 on a nice big screen. Quite nice, I have to say…pity the graphics card seems to have some issues rendering the game at its proper speed.

Speaking of computer issues, this news has me interested a fair bit. I’m not usually one to install pre-release versions of operating systems, but I’ve heard almost nothing but positive impressions about Windows 7 (as opposed to Vista which was sending mixed signals even when it was in alpha). Kagura is about due for a format anyway, so I think I’ll delete my unused Linux partition and create one for trying out Windows 7.

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Waiting in the San Francisco departure lounge

Second leg of my flight was much worse than the first – we ran into a jetstream which caused the plane to get jerked about like crazy while I was trying to sleep. I did watch a couple of episodes of House and Fawlty Towers though. Hugh Laurie and John Cleese are made of win.

I got dragged into a detailed inspection of my checked baggage upon arrival because I was carrying food (the usual assortment of Indian provisions, microwaveables and most importantly INSTANT NOODLES) and I had an item (cumin seeds) confiscated for the first time ever! Good thing I have a spare at home.

My iPhone tells me that it’s still snowing in Seattle. Not happy…

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OMGWTF it’s Christmas

Damn you for sneaking up on me again this year. Not that it really matters since I don’t really celebrate it anyway. Besides, I’ve bought myself plenty of stuff this year already…I guess my iPhone can count as an early Christmas present to myself.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas to all, and especially to my colleagues and friends in Seattle who seem to be enjoying (?) their second white Christmas in three years.

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It’s snowing outside

God damnit.

I hope the I-5 isn’t a giant ice-skating rink tomorrow.


Entering the age of perpetual connectedness

As some of you might already know, I purchased an iPhone this past weekend. In fact, I’m composing this entry on that very iPhone…Wordpress already has a client available for it, which, much like their ubiquitous blogging platform, is free.

Overall, I like it; if I had to nitpick (and I do) I would point out the lack of an FM tuner (that NPR habit is hard to kick). You can listen to Internet streams of radio stations pretty easily, but cellphone networks being what they are, the quality of the stream isn’t too reliable. On top of that, the fact that you can only have one set of email and contacts synced at once is annoying (though not a dealbreaker). There are a few issues with the way the calendaring system interacts with Exchange as well.

After having spent just three days using the device, I have to say that the amount of convenience it provides is truly…frightening. This morning I found myself checking my email as I walked to work. To put things in perspective, I live two blocks away from my workplace. I’m starting to understand the mentality of the anti-Blackberry crusaders who decry it as an intruder into our private lives.

On another note, this weekend I’m flying back to Singapore on vacation for three weeks. I don’t have a way to play TF2 or L4D during this period, so let’s see how long it takes for me to go mad.

Of more concern to me is the possibility that the snow forecast for this weekend will mess with my travel plans, either by delaying my flight or by making it impossible for me to get to the airport. The latter occurred back in 2006 when I was here interviewing with Microsoft…an encore would really not be appreciated at all.

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It’s getting hot in here

No, seriously. I was wearing a jacket to work as recently as 3 weeks ago and now the temperature regularly hits 30 degrees Celsius, turning my apartment into a sauna just in time for me to get home (my patio faces west) and making me sweat while I’m sitting on my couch and reading.

I thought Seattle was supposed to be the land of lovely summers and dreary winters, not central Texas.

I bought an oscillating floor fan off Amazon to mitigate the problem, but it won’t get here until Wednesday. In the meantime I guess I’m in for some sweltering nights :/


In case anyone was wondering where I was yesterday

Monday was a repeat performance of Friday’s “awesomeness” at work (only worse), and I got home just in time for a wind storm to knock out all power for 5 hours.

So yeah, I was a little tied up.

That new 3G iPhone looks awesome, though.


What the hell is up with the weather

It's almost April, and it SNOWED while I was at lunch today, for a good 2-3 hours or so.


Pictures as soon as I can get them off my cell phone (Bluetooth refuses to work for some reason).

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