No, seriously. I was wearing a jacket to work as recently as 3 weeks ago and now the temperature regularly hits 30 degrees Celsius, turning my apartment into a sauna just in time for me to get home (my patio faces west) and making me sweat while I\’m sitting on my couch and reading.

I thought Seattle was supposed to be the land of lovely summers and dreary winters, not central Texas.

I bought an oscillating floor fan off Amazon to mitigate the problem, but it won\’t get here until Wednesday. In the meantime I guess I\’m in for some sweltering nights :/

3 thoughts on “It\’s getting hot in here”
  1. 30ºC isn’t a lot IMO

    You’re lucky, at least. You don’t get a mixed weather, with abrupt changes every single day πŸ˜›

    1. It isn’t very high, not for me, anyway. It tends to get even hotter than that in Singapore.

      My problem is that the hot weather literally came out of nowhere, and the fact that my apartment lacks air conditioning of any kind, meaning that as the sun sets I get the full blast of the sun’s rays, raising the temperature inside my apartment to uncomfortable levels for pretty much the rest of the night.

      1. I don’t even know what conditioning air is XD

        Get a fan and you get your problem (almost) solved πŸ˜›

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