As some of you might already know, I purchased an iPhone this past weekend. In fact, I\’m composing this entry on that very iPhone…Wordpress already has a client available for it, which, much like their ubiquitous blogging platform, is free.

Overall, I like it; if I had to nitpick (and I do) I would point out the lack of an FM tuner (that NPR habit is hard to kick). You can listen to Internet streams of radio stations pretty easily, but cellphone networks being what they are, the quality of the stream isn\’t too reliable. On top of that, the fact that you can only have one set of email and contacts synced at once is annoying (though not a dealbreaker). There are a few issues with the way the calendaring system interacts with Exchange as well.

After having spent just three days using the device, I have to say that the amount of convenience it provides is truly…frightening. This morning I found myself checking my email as I walked to work. To put things in perspective, I live two blocks away from my workplace. I\’m starting to understand the mentality of the anti-Blackberry crusaders who decry it as an intruder into our private lives.

On another note, this weekend I\’m flying back to Singapore on vacation for three weeks. I don\’t have a way to play TF2 or L4D during this period, so let\’s see how long it takes for me to go mad.

Of more concern to me is the possibility that the snow forecast for this weekend will mess with my travel plans, either by delaying my flight or by making it impossible for me to get to the airport. The latter occurred back in 2006 when I was here interviewing with Microsoft…an encore would really not be appreciated at all.

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